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The key to software success for business owners.

Software development is broken down into stages, from design to deployment. It costs much more to get things right the later that correct design is discovered.


This puts the emphasis on important design issues being settled and completed as early as possible. GEARS is designed for just this purpose.


GEARS left-shifts the software development lifecycle for business owners.

How GEARS left shifts software for businesses:

Design - GEARS is a unique framework for digitizing the business idea and establishing business processes and goals, at the very start of the project cycle.

Development - Based on the GEARS project blueprint, GEARS helps project owners and developers organize their work in the most efficient manner. They can discuss detailed needs, plan budgets, establish sensible priorities and manage progress, transparently and with business goals firmly in mind.

Debug - Given a clear scope of work, GEARS helps report upon defects and issues reported by the QA team in a structure that is helpful for business.

Deploy - Based on clear performance goals established at the beginning of the project engineers know what is expected of the application. GEARS reports, straight out of the box, on application performance, ease of use and creative performance.