Million dollar FinTech

Covestec Case Study
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YEAR 2018

Industry: FinTech

Understanding the process

Seeing a considerable opportunity for automation and standardisation in Private Equity, they approached us for a POC. Our work helped trigger:

  • More ambitious business strategies
  • A significant new round of fundraising
  • GKIM appointed lead on platform design & development

Use of GEARS

GKIM used GEARS, its proprietary design methodology to design and manage the platform build from the ground up, satisfying the fundamentals of the industry. It has been designed to set new standards of workflow automation, compliance and cooperation for the industry.

Partners in success

GKIM has taken a real leadership role in charting our product roadmap and helping us to realize our vision of a platform for the private equity ecosystem. With GKIM’s GEARS we are revolutionising the way that Broker Dealers and Family offices up and down Wall St manage their operations, syndication networks and relationships with investors.

Dermot Bolger, Founder