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Speedoc Case Study

Speedoc was founded in 2017 in Singapore, by Shravan Verma, MD with a mission to bring hospital-level care to the home by building an end-to-end system connecting patients to different aspects of health care. Speedoc uses technology to become an aggregator of health care services on demand.

The company offerings include house-call doctors, nurses, ambulance booking services,subsidised care and more coming soon. GKIM has been powering Speedoc’s technology platform since launch. During that time Speedoc have made major progress in their field and recently expanded to Malaysia market.



Industry: Medtech


Product Development, Technology Strategy Consulting, Mobile App Development, Web Development, Testing and Product Maintenance

Speedoc’s physical installations target houses, nursing homes and public spaces (Speedoc for Business). Services include medical team visits to remote locations, and new coming soon feature - telemedicine solutions. Commercial offerings are designed with employers, insurance companies and families in mind.


Speedoc from the very beginning worked closely with GKIM on a unified vision of the product and its execution. Their biggest challenge has been to design a technology platform that works smoothly with current clinical operations and delivers a set of processes for doctors and nurses to take this on the road.


The solution was embedding GKIM as an internal development team, to involve in development of their product and technology architecture. Working closely together, we have proposed and developed an original range of products, services and purchase options.

GKIM is championing Speedoc’s vision and developing a range of touchpoints and delivery solutions, as well as the core, AI supported, IoT tracking, cloud based triage and clinic management software.

Partners in success

“In comparison to our previous “full stack developer”, GKIM has proven themselves to be
consummate professionals, performing at twice the speed and half the price. With GKIM’s strong technical support and product vision, we are making significant inroads in changing the way that medical clinics deliver customized healthcare, online and in person, wherever their patients happen to be and whenever is convenient for them”

Speedoc medtech
Shravan Verma, CEO