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GKIM is a software developer for entrepreneurs and businesses.

In 7 years GKIM has become a trusted boutique developer serving:
  • Demanding marketing agencies
  • Switched on governments
  • Some of the world’s most ambitious startups
GKIM has:
  • Won creative awards
  • Worked on patents
  • Been the team behind many notable projects
Our approach to all projects, called GEARS, is designed to:
  • Build trust thru transparency
  • Give meaningful control to our partners
  • Eliminate unnecessary waste - as much as 50% of every dollar spent in traditional software projects
GEARS defines projects as a hierarchy of business processes identifying key data objects and business operations involved.


This is THE best way to successfully digitize ANY business idea.
GEARS methods, best practice and technology promise to:
  • Get to market earlier
  • Take fewer risks
  • Spend less money

We’ll guarantee it



Refreshing Approach to Partnerships

GKIM takes responsibility for the success of businesses we support. We work with our clients to:

  • Assure the quality of platform design, driven by business goals
  • Build trust through the transparency of our management systems
  • Ensure critical reporting on application, UX and creative performance

To deliver upon these promises, GKIM has invented a unique and powerful operating platform for startups.   focuses first on digital business design and goals. Our breakthrough approach avoids many of the pitfalls faced by traditional software developers. It allows for rapid and low cost development of fully working & viable business platforms. It includes an analytics dashboard that business owners & investors can actually use.

GKIM’s approach, technology & culture helps us serve the most demanding of brands, startups and enterprises, anywhere in the world.

We strive to deliver only success!



The Digital Entrepreneurs Dream

GKIM strives to be a developer who can...

  • Understand your business strategy
    Sharing your vision of disruption
  • Work with you as a design partner
    Talking the language of business processes & goals
  • Transparently share budgets and plans
    Providing you with detailed ROI on every dollar spent
  • Prove that your apps are performing to specification
    Share performance data on every detailed process
  • Discover how easy customers are using the apps
    Reporting on user experience quality and success


With  dream no more...



Design up front:
  • Take control of your business project by designing it in business terms.
  • Digitize your business idea in a language your developers should understand.
Manage project:

Assure success:
  • What you cannot measure, you cannot control. GEARS gives visibility to important aspects of your project - letting your drive its success.


Business Owners

GKIM has designed and uses  , the toolset which puts businesses in control of their technology and assure best practice. It helps answer key

  • Scoping - How should our business engine work?
    Exacting discovery of business goals, technology requirements and UX features.
  • Managing -How can I control my budget?
    Production budget management with quality and progress reports based on key business requirements.
  • Performing - How well are we doing?
    Critical feedback on business engine performance, effectiveness of user experience and creative strategy.

  gives business people tools and information to engage in an ongoing conversation with their developers, assuring their success.


Developers & Consultants

Use GEARS to digitize your clients’ business ideas:

  • Show that you understand your customers’ project ideas
  • Confirm a scope of work they can sign off on
  • Close deals faster

Use GEARS to manage the project with your client :

  • Show them the cost of each thing they care about
  • Guide them to talk about the project in a framework that is useful to engineers
  • Demonstrate how much progress you are making
  • Give them quality reports in a form that they understand 

Assure success:

  • Prove how well the core engine is performing
  • Prove how well users find the experience
  • Let them tweak their customer facing communications just right

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<strong>GKIM</strong> focuses on successful software development for businesses

GKIM focuses on successful software development for businesses



Take control of your technology


Lower your risk, budgets and time to market
Developers & Consultants

Developers & Consultants

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